U.S. Work Visas

Employment Based Permanent Resident Status

In the area of Permanent Employment Based Sponsorship, we represent clients and process Employment Based (“EB”) Green Card Sponsorship with the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) for EB-1, EB-2, National Interest Waivers & EB-3 employment categories. Clients are also represented by our lawyers at the Department of Labor where U.S. immigration regulations require an approved Labor Certification/PERM before an I-140 Employment Petition can be filed with DHS on behalf of  worker(s).

Temporary & Non-Immigrant Visas

Based on the business, employer or professional’s goals — Scott & LeeRC lawyers represent clients with the following employment and business visa solutions:  

  • H-1B visas. Professional & Specialty Occupation Visas with a 4 year degree or higher
  • L-1A and L-1B visas. New Office(s) in the U.S. and Intra-Company Transfers of Managers, or Skilled Professional to the United States.
  • Change of Status (I-539) for Optical Practical Training (OPT)  University Students to a new appropriate Non-immigrant Visa prior to OPT expiration.
  • O visas – Outstanding and Extraordinary Workers in the Arts, IT, Research, Social Work, Business & Science
  • H-3 Training Visas
  • H-2B Seasonal Worker Visas
  • TN Visas – For Canadian & Mexican Nationals
  • E-2 Investor Visas
  • E-1 Trading Services with the United States
  • P Visas 
  • R Visas
  • J-1 Visas – Cultural Exchange Program

Consular Processing vs. Adjusting Status While in the United States

We represent clients abroad at all U.S. Consulates across the world. If our clients, however, are in the United States, we discuss remaining in the United States and adjusting his or her status within the country. Along the way, we bridge our clients’ status to ensure they never accrue any unlawful presence while awaiting their U.S. Immigration benefit.

Business Planning & Strategy Essential to an Approved Visa

Our business lawyers are not only experienced immigration legal professionals; but they also seasoned business professionals in the areas of: Business Planning, Finance, Management & Policies. As a part of our business immigration legal team, business professionals come together to prepare a winning strategy for your U.S. business and/or career goals.  The combination of business and legal experience, allows our clients from around the world to adapt their business models and professional goals to U.S. standards of business practices, corporate governance and professional standards necessary to meet the U.S. Federal Regulations for permanent or temporary visa approvals.

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13 Jun 2023