About Our Legal Team

Gee Evans is the Managing Attorney

Gee Evans was selected as a top attorney for the year 2022!
Gee Evans was selected as a client Champion for 2022!

Gee is a humanitarian at heart; born in Toronto, ON Canada..(the international capital of the world), she has devoted her career to helping ALL people. Having built a diverse professional legal team based in Washington DC, we aim to integrate the essential legal rights and education needed for small growing businesses, employers, families, and youth to not only have a chance to succeed…but to thrive!

She founded the B & E Capital Law Firm to not only advocate, but to educate. Our publications and law firm culture focuses on helping people on a national and international scale on how to dramatically improve one’s business, career and family legacy through understanding legal systems and education.

With our partners … we advocate and teach on: legal plans & strategies, business plans, asset protection, branding, intellectual property, wellness & personal growth, building soft skills, emotional intelligence, and development of research/writing skills in the 21st century. We offer internships for youth and university graduates to build knowledge and value into their resumes, while providing essential mentorship.

Gee has practiced U.S. Immigration, Business & Family Law for over 22 years. She is a parent, a wife and entrepreneur that has dedicated her legal practice to lifting up others across our amazing nation, the United States of America, and around the world. B & E Capital Law • http://www.becapitallaw.com | info@becapitallaw.com.

Rebeca Flores – Senior Lead Paralegal

Rebeca has worked with B & E Capital Law for over 10 years. She began working with the law firm in 2009; and she has climbed the ranks to the role of Senior Paralegal Case Supervisor. Fluent in Spanish and English, she facilitates & educates the law firm clients on all stages of their immigration case. She also assists in running the firms immigration training classes for new legal assistants and attorneys. She actively liaisons with the firm lawyers & clients throughout all stages of case management.